Name Email Location & Phone
Picture of Katharine Abraham Abraham, Katharine
Distinguished University Professor
kabraham [at] umd.edu 3137 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3489
Boragan Aruoba Aruoba, Boragan
aruoba [at] umd.edu 4106B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3508
Larry Ausubel Ausubel, Lawrence
ausubel [at] umd.edu 4130C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3495
John Chao Chao, John
jcchao [at] umd.edu 3141 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-1579
Peter Coughlin Coughlin, Peter
Associate Professor
coughlin [at] umd.edu 4101C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3482
Maureen Cropper Cropper, Maureen
Distinguished University Professor
mcropper [at] umd.edu 4106A Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3483
Photo of Pierre De Leo De Leo, Pierre
Assistant Professor
deleop [at] umd.edu 4118E Tydings Hall
(301) 405-7006
Allan Drazen Drazen, Allan
drazen [at] umd.edu 4118J Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3477
Photo of Thomas Drechsel Drechsel, Thomas
Assistant Professor
drechsel [at] umd.edu 4115E Tydings Hall
(301) 405-9952
Emel Filiz-Ozbay Filiz-Ozbay, Emel
efozbay [at] umd.edu 4115C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3474
Sebastian Galiani Galiani, Sebastian
sgaliani [at] umd.edu 4105 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3518
Jessica Goldberg Goldberg, Jessica
Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Admissions
jagold [at] umd.edu 3115C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3559
UM Globe Haltiwanger, John C.
Distinguished University Professor; Dudley and Louisa Dillard Professor of Economics
halt [at] umd.edu 4121B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3504
Judith Hellerstein Hellerstein, Judith K.
hellerst [at] umd.edu 3115D Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3545
Headshot Jin, Ginger
jin [at] econ.umd.edu 3115F Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3484
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem
Professor; Neil Moskowitz Professor of Economics
kalemli [at] umd.edu 4118H Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3486
Ethan Kaplan Kaplan, Ethan
Associate Professor
edkaplan [at] umd.edu 3139 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3501
photo of professor melissa kearney Kearney, Melissa
Professor; Neil Moskowitz Professor of Economics
kearney [at] umd.edu 3115L Tydings Hall
(301) 405-6202
Guido Kuersteiner Kuersteiner, Guido
gkuerste [at] umd.edu 3145 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3493
Yusufcan Masatlioglu Masatlioglu, Yusufcan
yusufcan [at] umd.edu TYD 3147E
(301) 405-3527
murrell photo Murrell, Peter
pmurrell [at] umd.edu 4106C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3476
UM Globe Ottonello, Pablo
Associate Professor
Erkut Ozbay Ozbay, Erkut
ozbay [at] umd.edu 4101A Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3481
Nolan Pope, profile. Pope, Nolan
Assistant Professor
npope [at] umd.edu 3115H Tydings Hall
Ingmar Prucha Prucha, Ingmar
Distinguished University Professor
prucha [at] umd.edu 3147A Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3499
dreck photo Reck, Daniel
Assistant Professor
dreck [at] umd.edu Tydings 3113G
John Shea Shea, John
Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
jshea1 [at] umd.edu 4121A Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3491
Luminita Stevens Stevens, L. Luminita
Associate Professor
stevens7 [at] umd.edu 4121C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3515
Headshot Sweeting, Andrew
Professor and Department Chair
atsweet [at] umd.edu 3135 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-8325
Sergio Urzua Urzua, Sergio
surzua [at] umd.edu 3115J Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3532
Daniel R. Vincent Vincent, Daniel R.
dvincent [at] umd.edu 4130B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3485
John Wallis Wallis, John Joseph
Mancur Olson Professor of Economics
wallis [at] umd.edu 3101B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3552
Photo of Chenyu Yang Yang, Chenyu
Assistant Professor
cyang111 [at] umd.edu 3115E Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3512
Emeritus Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
Almon Almon, Clopper
Professor Emeritus
calmon [at] umd.edu 1105A Morrill Hall
(301) 405-4604
UMD globe Bennett, Robert
Associate Professor Emeritus
bobbennett2 [at] verizon.net 6908 Carleton Terrace, College Park, MD 20740
UMD globe Clague, Christopher
Professor Emeritus
cclague [at] umd.edu
Cindy Clement Clement, Cindy
Principal Lecturer Emerita
cclement [at] umd.edu
Peter Cramton Cramton, Peter
Professor Emeritus
pcramton [at] gmail.com 4101A Tydings Hall
(240) 479-9345
UM Globe Dardis, Rachel
Professor Emerita
Charles Hulten Hulten, Charles R.
Professor Emeritus
chulten [at] umd.edu 1106B Morrill Hall
(301) 405-3549
placeholder UMD logo Meyer, Paul
Associate Professor Emeritus
pmeyer [at] umd.edu
1234 Schwab, Robert M.
Professor Emeritus
schwab [at] umd.edu 4106B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3487
Paul Wonnacott Wonnacott, Paul
Professor Emeritus
paulwon13 [at] gmail.com
Visiting and Affiliate Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
Giovanni Baiocchi Baiocchi, Giovanni
Associate Professor
baiocchi [at] umd.edu 1133 LeFrak Hall
(301) 405-2342
Serguey Braguinsky Braguinsky, Serguey
Associate Professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and the Department of Economics
sbraguinsky [at] rhsmith.umd.edu 4115D Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3497
UM Globe Chadd, Ian Spears
Visiting Asst Res Professor
UM Globe Hui, Shen
Visiting Asst Res Professor
Rob Williams Williams III, Roberton
roberton [at] umd.edu 2122 Symons Hall
(301) 405-1284
Name Email Location & Phone
Hossein Abbasi Abbasi, Hossein
Senior Lecturer
habbasi [at] umd.edu 3127D Tydings Hall
(301) 405-4784
UM Globe Chugh, Randy
Martina Copelman Copelman, Martina
Senior Lecturer
copelman [at] umd.edu 3147C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3548
UMD Logo Placeholder Finkle, Aaron
afinkle [at] umd.edu 3147B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3509
Alka Gandhi Gandhi, Alka
Senior Lecturer
gandhi [at] umd.edu 4118M Tydings Hall
(301) 405-9974
UM Globe Goodman, Lucas William
UM Globe Hegland, Thomas Allen
A photo of Amanda. Kerr, Amanda
Associate Director of the Masters Program
ackerr [at] umd.edu 1106C Morrill Hall
UMD Logo Placeholder Leibtag, Ephraim
eleibtag [at] umd.edu 1105C Morrill Hall
(301) 405-3671
moody-headshot Moody, Erin
Senior Lecturer; Director of Undergraduate Studies
emoody [at] umd.edu 3114 Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3097
Naveen Sarna Sarna, Naveen
Senior Lecturer
nsarna [at] umd.edu 3127C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-7834
Scandizzo Scandizzo, Stefania
Senior Lecturer
sscandiz [at] umd.edu 3147D Tydings Hall
John Straub Straub, John
Senior Lecturer; Director of Master's Program
straub [at] umd.edu 1102B Morrill Hall
(301) 405-3531