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Ph.D. Program Description

The University of Maryland’s Department of Economics is ranked in the top 20 economics programs in the country in the most recent National Academy of Sciences study. The Department has about 35 faculty members. The size and diversity of the...

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Prospective PhD Student Information

We urge you to review the topics, questions, and answers by selecting from the choices below. Please look through all sections carefully before contacting our office.
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Information for Current Ph.D. Students

If you are currently a student in the Ph.D. program, the following links provide information about different aspects and requirements of the Ph.D.

Graduate Student Lounge

Resources for Ph.D. Students

The Economics Department, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, and the University of Maryland have many resources available to graduate students. Students have access to computing resources, travel and research expense support, inside...

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Ph.D. Students 2016

About Our Ph.D. Students

We are very proud of our Ph.D. program and the achievements of our students. Please find information about our students on the job market as well as information about past students here.

Steve Landefeld's Class

Master of Professional Studies in Applied Economics

We offer our 10-course, 30-credit program in 2 different locations: downtown Washington, DC near DuPont Circle, and also in College Park on the main campus of the University of Maryland.
Contact Dr. John Straub (...
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