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Development, Labor, and Public Economics

Our recent research covers topics including the impact of fathers on women's occupational choices; the expansion of Medicare prescription drug coverage; the relationship between temperature and agricultural productivity; the effect of expanding publicly provided family planning services to low-income women; and

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Macroeconomics and International Economics

Our recent research covers a variety of topics including financial crises and international contagion; optimal fiscal and monetary policy in models with search and other frictions; employment dynamics of new businesses; the role of intangible capital in productivity growth; financial integration and global imba

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Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization

Recent faculty research covers topics including the theory and practice of auction design; the functioning of electricity markets; the impact of information provision on the markets for restaurants, drugs, health insurance, and e-commerce; the inventory and pricing decisions of wholesalers; and the consequences

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Recent faculty research in econometrics investigates the properties of instrumental variable estimators with many instruments, Bayesian estimation and model selection methods, spatial and cross sectional interaction models, dynamic panel data models, GMM and ML estimation of cross-sectionally dependent processe

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Economic History, Institutions, and Political Economy

Economic history, institutions, and political economy study overlapping questions. Economic history studies the structure and performance of societies through time.  Markets, technologies, resources, and institutions play a central role in our explanations.