Class of 2018

Trisha Biswas - "Emerging Market Economies and the Impossible Trinity" (faculty advisor: Dr. Guido Kuersteiner)

Davin Wang - "Going Solar: Property-Assessed Clean Energy in California"  (faculty advisor Dr. Maureen Cropper) 

Class of 2015

Omar Hossain Ahsan - "Performance of School Matching Algorithms" (faculty advisor: Dr. Peter Cramton)

Nir Levy - "The Effect of New York City Sports Outcomes on the Stock Market" (faculty advisor Dr. Boragan Aruoba) *Published by the Undergraduate Economic Review

Class of 2014

Eric Aldenhoff - "Unemployment Benefit Increases and Mortality" (faculty advisor: Dr. Lesley Turner)

Olga Fetisova-Canas - "Effects of Anti-Secrecy Pay Laws on the Gender Wage Gap" (faculty advisor: Dr. Judy Hellerstein)

Max A. Gross - "Risky Decision Making on Catch 21" (faculty advisor: Dr. Erkut Ozbay)

Adrian Hamins-Puertolas - "Familial HIV/AIDS and Educational Expectations of South African Youth" (faculty advisor: Dr. Jessica Goldberg)

Alejandro Perez-Segura - "FDI and Human Development: What is the Role of Governance?" (faculty advisor: Dr. Sebastian Galiani)

Ira Rickman - "Monopsony Power and the Tradeoff Between Return to Performance and Contract Length in Major League Baseball" (faculty advisor: Dr. John Shea)

Class of 2013

Amber Qureshi - "Does Corporate Tax Lobbying Affect a Firm's Tax Rate" (faculty advisor: Dr. Ethan Kaplan)

Justin Huang - "Computer Simulation for Comparison of Proposed Mechanism for FCC Incentive Auction" (faculty advisor: Dr. Lawrence Ausbel)

Gary Noyes - "Effects of Price Discrimination on Higher Education" (faculty advisor: Dr. Jeffrey DeSimone)

Class of 2012

Daniel Hauser - "Activity Rules and Equilibria in the Combinatorial Clock Auction" (faculty advisor: Dr. Lawrence Ausbel)

Shefali Khanna - "Climate Change on Residential Electricity Consumption" (faculty advisor: Dr. Maureen Cropper)