Name Email Location & Phone
UM Globe Ansted, Ronda
Faculty Specialist
ransted [at] 3127B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3266
UM Globe Byrd, Herman
MS Program Coordinator
hbyrd [at]
image Shanna Edinger May Edinger May, Shanna
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
sedinge1 [at] 3108C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-7845
Vickie Fletcher Fletcher, Vickie
Graduate Studies Coordinator
vfletche [at] 3114E Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3544
UM Globe Hauser, Wanda
Assistant Director of Administrative Services
whauser [at] Tydings 3114D
(301) 405-3514
UM Globe Jewell, Orpha
Administrative Coordinator
ofjewell [at] 3114B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-0931
UM Globe Lopez, Karla
Academic and Administrative Coordinator
kclopez [at] 3114F Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3510
UM Globe McLoughlin, Brian
IT Systems Engineer
bpmcln [at] 4115B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-0266
Heather Nalley Nalley, Heather
Director of Administrative Services
nalley [at] 3114J Tydings Hall
(301) 405-9293
Phylicia Nance Nance, Phylicia
Senior Academic Advisor
pnance [at] 3108D Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3513
A picture of Evan Schroeder, by all intents, a handsome man. Schroeder, Evan
IT Coordinator
evaschro [at] 4115B Tydings Hall
(301) 405-6988
David Tana - Academic Advisor Tana, David
Academic Advisor
dvtana [at] 3108A Tydings Hall
UM Globe Thompson, Savanah
Administrative Assistant
sthomp24 [at] 3114 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Walker, Kaitlyn
MS Program Coordinator
kwalker8 [at] 1102A Morrill Hall
(301) 405-3557
Mark Wilkerson Wilkerson, Mark
wilkerson [at] 3114C Tydings Hall
(301) 405-3505