• All first semester students are required to submit a Graduation Plan to BSOS Advising (2148 Tydings Hall) by the deadline stated during their Orientation. Registration for the upcoming semester will blocked if an approved graduation plan is not on file. Blocks cannot be lifted by an Economics advisor regardless of the situation.
  • All students can register for a maximum of three ECON courses per semester.

Prerequisites & Other Course Restrictions

  • The Department strictly enforces the prerequisites for all ECON courses. Students who register for ECON courses without the required prerequisites completed will be administratively dropped by the Registrar's office. 
  • ECON321, ECON325, and ECON326 must be completed in residence.

Course Restrictions for Non-Majors

ECON311, 312, 317, 321, 325, 326, 386, 387, 399, and ALL 400-level ECON courses are restricted for ECON majors only.  Non-majors who wish to register for a restricted ECON course may request permission on the first day of classes, if and only if, prerequisites for the course are completed.  Non-majors may not request to be put on the waitlist for a course before the first day of classes.  Students in the process of declaring Economics as their major must officially be a major before they may register for any restricted course.  No exceptions to this policy will be granted.


The Department does not oversubscribe students into closed courses, regardless of class or major.  Access to courses that are full is only through the waitlist.  Professors, Teaching Assistants, and Instructors do not have the ability oversubscribe students.  Students who are on the waitlist for a particular course should NOT purchase textbooks or any supplemental course material until they are offered a seat in the course.  

Other Registration Policies

  • All major requirements must be completed with a "C-" or better. A course taken as Pass/Fail may not apply towards major requirements. 
  • Students are only allowed two attempts at one particular course. Students who require more than two attempts at a course may be dismissed from the major for failure to complete major requirements. This is in accordance to University Policy. For more information about this policy please visit the Undergraduate Catalog
  • Students planning to continue with degree after a break of 5 or more years must contact an ECON advisor to discuss major requirements.