The Economics Undergraduate Advising Office provides a broad variety of services to assist undergraduate students in academic development. While our primary role is to advise Economics majors on strategies for degree completion, we also assist students on a number of related issues including: university policies, career choices, social and personal adjustment to university life, and opportunities such as study abroad and internships.

Advising for Economics majors is not mandatory. However, students are encouraged to meet with an advisor on a periodic basis to at least confirm progress in meeting degree requirements.

Advising Hours, Location, and Contact Information

ECON Advising offers both in-person and virtual services. Advisors are available Monday through Friday from 8am - 4:30pm by email, phone, and scheduled appointments.

If you wish to utilize our in-person services, you must be in compliance with UMD's current COVID-19 guidelines. If you are not in compliance, are sick, or prefer to limit your in-person interactions, then you can utilize our virtual services: Zoom appointments, email, or call an advisor directly.

  • EMAIL - The best way to reach ECON advising is through email at econadvising [at] umd [dot] edu. If you prefer to email a specific advisor directly, see below for direct contact information. **Effective Feb. 16th all emails sent to ECON advising (and other campus offices) must be sent from your TERPmail account. 
  • PHONE -  You can call an advisor directly using the phone numbers below. You do not need an appointment. If the advisor does not answer, they may be working with another student or in a meeting so leave a voice message and they will return your call. 
  • DROP-INS - Drop-in advising will not be available during Summer 2022. See below for information on how to schedule an appointment. 
  • SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS - 30 minute advising appointments conducted in-person or via Zoom are available Monday through Friday from 9am - 11am & 1pm - 4pm. To schedule an appointment log into the TerpEngage ECON Advising Team page using your directory ID and password. Be sure to select appointment location. In-person appointments will take place in 3108 Tydings Hall. Students who select virtual Zoom appointment will receive a Zoom link in their confirmation email to use at the time of their appointment. If you are sick or need to cancel, reschedule, or change your appointment location from in-person to virtual (or vice versa) for any reason, please go to the TerpEngage homepage or call/email your advisor. 


NOTE: All students who wish to declare ECON as their major must be complete a several step process which is outlined in detail here.


Advising Staff

Phylicia Nance
Academic Advisor
3108D Tydings Hall
pnance [at] umd [dot] edu

Alice Szczepaniak
Academic Advisor
3108A Tydings Hall
amszczep [at] umd [dot] edu

Shanna Edinger May
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
3108C Tydings Hall
sedinge1 [at] umd [dot] edu


Other Advising Resources on Campus