Roads, Population Pressures and Deforestation in Thailand, 1976-1989

Maureen Cropper, C. Griffiths and M. Mani, Land Economics, 75 (1999), 58-73. 75(1), 58-73, February .


We estimate an equilibrium model of land clearing to study the impacts of roads and population on deforestation in Thailand between 1976 and 1989. Population pressures were more important in the North and Northeast sections of Thailand (elasticity of forest area with respect to agricultural population density = -0.82) than in the South and Central regions (elasticity = -0.46). Road building was more important in the South/Central region than in the rest of the country. The elasticity of forest area with respect to road density is -1.5 in the South/Central region, but is not statistically significant in the North/ Northeast. 

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