Examines the economics of international economic integration, including the theory of customs unions and free trade areas, the role of GATT and the WTO, changes in individual countries' foreign trade policies during the new era of globalization, the special role of multinational firms in world trade, and recent controversies about the benefits and costs of globalized trade.

1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (ECON305, ECON325); and 1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (ECON306, ECON326); and 1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (ECON230, BMGT230, ECON321). Restriction: Must be in Economics Bachelor of Arts program; and must not have completed ECON441. Credit Only Granted for: ECON441 or ECON443.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular, Pass-Fail, Audit

Course Offerings

    Fall 2017Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Fall 2017Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2017Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2017Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Fall 2016Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Summer 2016 IInstructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2016Instructor: Unlisted/TBDView: Syllabus
    Spring 2016Instructor: Stefania ScandizzoView: Syllabus
    Fall 2015Instructor: Unlisted/TBDView: Syllabus