Increase student knowledge of career paths, job search tools, and strategies for successfully obtaining a job with a BA or BS in economics. Students will engage in a range of different activities which build their understanding of job opportunities in economics and hone their abilities to find positions they want. Students will reflect on specific skills employers seek from economics graduates and incorporate that knowledge in their own individual job search and career plan.

1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (ECON305, ECON325); and 1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (ECON306, ECON326). Restriction: Must be in one of the following programs (Economics Bachelor of Arts; Economics Bachelor of Science).
Credits: 2
Grading Method: Regular

Course Offerings

    Fall 2024Instructor: Ronda Ansted
    Fall 2024Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Spring 2024Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Fall 2023Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Spring 2023Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Fall 2022Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Spring 2022Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Fall 2021Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo
    Spring 2021Instructor: Stefania Scandizzo