Sometimes students find that they need extra help to understand the content of a particular course. Three types of resources are available to you:  teaching assistants (TA’s); free tutoring resources available at various campus locations; and graduate students in economics who offer tutoring in exchange for compensation.  

Teaching Assistants

Start with the TA’s if your course includes this kind of instructional resource.  (The course syllabi should include names and contact information.)  If scheduled office hours do not fit your schedule, ask if you can make an appointment at another time.  Either way, be prepared, so that you can tell the TA’s what you think you do understand and where your confusion starts. Asking specific questions will be much more effective than simply observing “I don’t get it.”  If you miss a lecture, see if you can get notes from a classmate, read those notes, and then get clarification from a TA on the points you don’t understand.  Start homework well in advance of deadlines, so that you can ask questions.  If you get something wrong on an exam, visit the TA so you can learn from your mistakes.  Note:  do not offer to pay a TA for help!  That would be a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity. 


Free Tutoring Resources on Campus

Here are links to different entities on campus which provide free tutoring for selected courses.  Availability is somewhat limited, so you will need to plan in advance.  Don’t wait until the night before the first midterm to decide that you need help!

The ECON Drop-In Tutoring Center:

The ECON Drop-In Tutoring Center in TYD 3100 is open to students registered in any section of ECON200 and ECON201 during the following hours:

ECON200201 Drop-In Tutoring Center Weekly Schedule S24

Academic Achievement Programs:

Provides free tutoring to all UMD students for ECON200 and ECON201 (and sometimes additional ECON courses) through their Academic Success and Tutorial Services (ASTS).  Tutors are also available for math and statistics courses such as pre-calculus and calculus.  Any undergraduate student seeking support can view the current tutoring availability and sign up here for one-time or weekly academic support for these courses and more.

Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education:

Offers free, walk-in tutoring to all UMD students in a variety of disciplines including select ECON and MATH courses. For additional information and the most current tutoring schedule click here.

Guided Studies Session (GSS) - Learning Assistance Services:

The Guided Study Session (GSS) Program offers free, regularly scheduled Supplemental Instruction sessions for ECON200. For more information and the current schedule visit the GSS website.

The Department of Mathematics and the Department of Resident Life:

The Department of Mathematics offers free walk-in tutoring each semester for MATH and STAT courses. Click here for their most up-to-date schedules.

In addition, the Department of Resident Life hosts the Math Success Program which is open to all UMD students (both residential and commuter students are welcome).  Detailed information regarding Math Success Program can be found here.

For additional tutoring resources visit


Paid Tutoring Services

Each semester the Department of Economics compiles a list of ECON graduate students who are willing to tutor undergraduate students in certain courses. Please note that this is not a free service and students must contact each tutor individually for their specific availability and fees. 

Click here for the current list.


Be sure to visit for more tutoring and academic success resources including information to assist students with time management skills, test-taking skills, and online learning.