Switching from the old ECON-BS requirements to the new ECON-BS requirements

If you officially declared the Bachelor of Science in Economics as your major by February 5, 2021 then you are allowed to finish your degree under the old requirements or you can choose to switch to the new curriculum. 

All BS students in this situation were sent an email in Spring 2021 and were invited to an ELMS course page titled "New ECON BS Curriculum". If you are interested in switching to the new curriculum you must complete the modules in the ELMS course page. The modules include:

  • A brief informational video explaining the changes to the curriculum
  • An overview of how the changes would impact you based on your progress in the old curriculum
  • A curriculum intent form 

If you have any questions or have trouble accessing the New ECON BS Curriculum ELMS course page, please contact an ECON advisor.


Changing tracks 

If you are an officially declared ECON major but wish to switch your track from the Bachelor of Science to the Bachelor of Arts or from the Bachelor of Arts to the Bachelor of Science, then you must follow the steps below:

  1. Review the major requirements - Carefully review the major requirements.
  2. Review your Degree Audit for the intended track - Log into the degree audit system and run an audit for your intended track (BA or BS) by choosing the option "Select a Different Program". This degree audit will outline your remaining requirements for both the major and GenEd.   If you need assistance reviewing this information, you may meet with an ECON advisor during drop-ins hours or by scheduling an appointment.
  3. Develop Graduation Plan - Develop an updated graduation plan for the new track including all ECON, general education, and any elective requirements remaining. For a blank graduation planning worksheet click here. Save your completed graduation plan as LastNameUID_GradPlan and email it to econadvising [at] umd [dot] edu. Include in your email: Name, UID, and a statement indicating the purpose of your email (i.e. to start the process to switch from ECON-BS to ECON-BA).
  4. Complete your Change of Major Paperwork – An ECON advisor will respond to your grad plan email with instructions on how to complete the Change of Major Form, Benchmark Contract, and any needed revisions to your graduation plan. Read this email closely as it includes instructions unique to your particular situation and academic plan. Follow the instructions in the email and respond with your completed paperwork and graduation plan.
  5. Wait for Approval of Graduation Plan: ECON Advising will review and submit your change of major paperwork to BSOS Advising. Once you have received an email confirming that your paperwork has been submitted to BSOS Advising, it will take up to 10 business days to process your major change/addition. You will receive an email directly from BSOS advising when you major has been updated in the system or if there is a problem with your plan requiring additional steps.