Mancur Lloyd Olson, Jr. 1932-1998: Personal Recollections

Martin C. McGuire, Eastern Economic Journal 24(3), 252-264, .


This article memorializes the life and professional work of Mancur Lloyd Olson, Jr. The forty-two years of Mancur Olson's scholarly life were devoted to an inspiring pursuit of his vision of "macro." His ideas may occupy the core of macroeconomics fifty or one hundred years from now, or they may signify only one strand, but surely they will be present and influential in all future study of economics, of society and of interactions between them. Here in 1998, we don't know. But we do know that economists, political scientists, sociologists, and whatever other new disciplinary clusters emerge in social science will be studying Mancur Olson's ideas and learning from his insights--valuing the Collective Good which his life's work has left to all.

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