Letter of Recommendation

Departmental Policies
  1. The department sends out 125 sets of recommendation letters free of charge for each student.
  2. The department may be able to send out additional letters, at a cost, but not until 125 sets of letters have been sent out for each student.
  3. The set of letters may contain up to 4 recommendations.
  4. Letters from referees must remain the same throughout the job market period for each student. This means that each recommender must write a letter that can go to both academic and non-academic employers, and to all institutions to which the candidate is applying.
  5. This is a limitation, but with over 10,000 letters to send out we cannot do otherwise.
  6. Recommenders must send letters to Amanda in PDF format. (Letters should be signed before being put in PDF format.)
  7. The final deadline for sending letters to Amanda is NOVEMBER 10, 2017. Most recommendation letters must be received by December 1. However, for letters of recommendation that have earlier deadlines, Amanda must receive the letter at least two weeks before the deadline.
  8. For hard copy recommendations, students must fill out the address template (please follow the instructions below).
  9. For electronically submitted letters, Amanda will send out letters in batch. For example, Jane Doe's 4 letters of recommendation will be sent out to 50 email addresses at once. Unless otherwise specified, the subject line will be: Jane Doe - Letters of Recommendation. The 50 addressees will be "BCC"ed so that employers do not know where else the letters are being sent.
Instructions for Electronic Applications:
  1. Create an excel file like this one for electronic applications
  2. The first sheet is for simple email addresses with no special instructions, the second sheet is for websites and the final sheet is for email addresses that require a special subject line.
Instructions for Generating Labels:

The following instructions assume that you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or a later version. If you are using Microsoft Office 2003 and need assistance, please email Amanda.

  • Do not change the font! All text must be left-aligned Times New Roman 11 point normal.
  • Do not open both files (label_addresses.xls and label_template.doc) at the same time. If you do, Excel may not let you save changes.