Three of our doctoral students have been accepted and will be attending various summer school programs between May and August 2024.

Tri Vu Phu will attend the Russell Sage Foundation Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics at Harvard/MIT from June 29 to July 9. Additionally, from August 19 to 21, Tri will attend the Northwestern-Kellogg Summer School in Economic Theory.

Haoran (Harry) Wang will participate in the NBER Behavioral Macroeconomics Research Boot Camp on May 21 and 22.

Haoyuan (Marty) Chen will attend the 1st Summer School in Experimental and Behavioral Economics from August 27 to 30, organized by the European Economic Review.

Arseniy Braslavskiy will attend the 2024 Summer School in Urban Economics from June 24 to 26. Arseniy will also attend the 2024 Berkeley/Sloan Summer School in Environmental and Energy Economics from August 19 to 23.