K.P. and Jayalakshmi Muddappa Graduate Award for Economics

Fall 2015: Shanjukta Nath
Fall 2016: Palak Suri
Fall 2017: Mrinmoyee Chatterjee
Fall 2018: Kartikeya Batra
Fall 2019: Palak Suri

Graduate Dean's Dissertation Fellowship

2014-2015: Jeronimo Carballo

Wylie Dissertation Fellowship

2006-2007: Emily Owens
2007-2008: Nazgul Jenish and Thayer Morrill
2008-2009: Ethan Ilzetzki and Antoine Gervais
2009-2010: Seth Freedman and Quynh Nguyen
2010-2011: Diether Beuermann and Javier Bianchi
2011-2012: Sushant Acharya and Julien Bengui
2012-2013: Orhan Torul
2014-2015: Ben Zou
2015-2016: Hector Lopez Carbajal
2016-2017: Jingting Fan
2017-2018: Joonkyu Choi and Sungho Noh
2019-2020: Prateik Dalmia and Yongjoon Park
2020-2021: Donggyu Lee

Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship

2008: Tim Moore and Seth Freedman
2009: Daniel Hernaiz and Terence Johnson
2010: Julien Bengui and Leland Dod Crane
2011: Alan Finkelstein-Shapiro and Hatice Ture
2012: Nona Karalashvili and Haishan Yuan
2013: Marisol Rodriguez Chatruc and Miguel Sarzosa Castillo
2014: Jingting Fan and Hector Lopez Carbajal
2015: Glenn Blackwood
2016: Yong Paek and Matthew Staiger
2017: Cody Tuttle and Di Wang
2018: George Zuo
2019: Danny Kolliner, Jun Hee Kwak, Palak Suri, and Shihangyin Zhang
2020: Dheeraj Chaudhary and Kai Chung Oue

All-S.T.A.R. Graduate School Fellowship

2017-2018: Prateik Dalmia

Graduate School's Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
2019-2020: Anu Sivaram

Graduate School's Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award

2019-2020: Jun Hee Kwak 

International Graduate Research Fellowship

2015: Xuezhen Tao

Flagship Fellowship

2011: Marisol Rodriguez Chatruc

BSOS Dean's Research Initiative

2015: Dun Jia, Sai Luo, Matthew Staiger and Yichen Zhou
2017: Rodrigo Heresi, Xuezhen Tao and Cody Tuttle
2018: Ibraheem Catovic, Erika Domotor and Tomohiro Hara
2019: Jiankun Chen, Sai Luo, Anusuya Sivaram, Palak Suri, and Xinlu Yao

Maryland Population Research Center Summer Grant

2019: Sai Luo

Economics Department Third Year Paper Prize

2007: First Prize: Ethan Ilzetzki. Second Prize: Sebastian Miller and Jeta Menkulasi
2008: First Prize: Craig Garthwaite. Second Prize: Seth Freedman and Ryan Banerjee
2009: First Prize: Javier Bianchi and Tim Moore. Second Prize: Teresa Fort and Terence Johnson
2010: First Prize: Sushant Acharya and Julien Bengui. Second Prize: Lisa Dettling
2011: First Prize: Orhan Torul. Second Prize: Leland Dod Crane
2012: First Prize: Jonathan Kreamer and Matija Jancec
2013: First Prize: Miguel Sarzosa Castillo and Lixin Tang. Second Prize: Giordano Palloni and Yiqun Chen
2014: First Prize: Hector Lopez Carbajal and Camilo Morales-Jimenez. Second Prize: Jingting Fan and Ricardo Espinoza Gonzalez
2015: First Prize: Joonkyu Choi. Second Prize: Emekcan Yucel
2016: First Prize: Riley Wilson. Second Prize: Lucas Goodman and Veronika Penciakova
2017: First Prize: Cody Tuttle. Second Prize: Fernando Saltiel
2018: First Prize: Camila Galindo. Second Prize: Gonzalo Garcia and Xinlu Yao
2019: First Prize: Danny Kolliner and George Zuo. Second Prize: Paul Cheung, Kenji Higa-Flores, Jun Hee Kwak, and Yi Liu.

Hilda Moskowitz Graduate Fellowship in Economics

Fall 2011: Orhan Torul
Spring 2012: Cesar Sosa Padilla
Fall 2013-Spring 2014: Carlos Van Hombeeck
Fall 2014-Spring 2015: Thomas Hegland
Fall 2017-Spring 2017: George Zuo

Roger and Alicia Betancourt Fellowship in Applied Economics

2010: Terence Johnson
2011: Justin Burkett and Tim Moore
2012: Alan Finkelstein-Shapiro
2013: Hei Sing Chan and Shu Lin Wee
2014: Weijia (Daisy) Dai and Kristian Lopez Vargas
2015: Stephanie Rennane
2016: Robert Kulick
2017: Haomin Yan
2018: Cody Tuttle
2019: Seth Murray

Allan G. Gruchy Graduate Fellowship in Economics

2014-2015: Matthew Staiger and Carlos Van Hombeeck
2015-2016: Matthew Staiger and Mateo Uribe-Castro
2016-2017: Matthew Staiger, Cody Tuttle and Mateo Uribe-Castro
2017-2018: Tomohiro Hara and Mateo Uribe-Castro
2018-2019: Anu Sivaram and Mateo Uribe-Castro

Melville J. Ulmer Graduate Fellowship in Economics

2014-2015: Bryan Hardy and Xuezhen Tao
2015-2016: Rodrigo Heresi
2016-2017: Matthew Staiger
2017-2018: Camila Galindo Pardo
2018-2019: George Zuo
2019-2020: Dheeraj Chaudhary and Macarena Kutscher

First-Year Summer Research Fellowship

2019: Keaton Ellis and Seho Kim

Visiting Day Poster Competition

2015: First prize: Youngjin Yun. Honorable Mention: Hector Lopez Carbajal
2016: First prize: Riley Wilson. Honorable Mention: Joonkyu Choi and Matthew Staiger
2017: First prize: Prateik Dalmia. Honorable Mention: Karam Jo and Heath Witzen
2018: First prize: Matthew Staiger. Honorable Mention: Seth Murray and Yongjoon Park
2019: First prize: George Zuo (co-authored with Daniel Kolliner). Honorable Mention: Tomohiro Hara

University of Maryland Distinguished Dissertation Award

2012: Teresa Fort

Other University of Maryland Awards

2010: Sheri Pruitt Walker, Dr. James W. Longest Memorial Award for Social Science Research
2012: Nona Karalashvili, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Award in Recognition of Dr. Peter Murrell's Service as Economics Department Chair

Economic Club of Washington Doctoral Research Fellowship

2004: Alex Whalley
2006: Aparajita Goyal and Emily Owens
2007: Ethan IIzetzki and Melissa Mclnerney
2008: Matthew Chesnes
2009: Agustin Roitman
2010: Abby Alpert and Kyle Handley
2012: Jeff Borowitz and Lisa Dettling
2016: Robert Kulick and Riley Wilson
2018: Sai Luo, Yongjoon Park, and Veronika Penciakova
2019: Matthew Staiger
2020: Xinlu Yao

American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) Summer Research Fellowship

2015: Yiqun Chen
2016: Edith Laget

Center for Retirement Research Dissertation Fellowship

2009: Gabriel Lara Ibarra
2010: Tim Moore
2018: Seth Murray

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) Dissertation Grant

2010: Seth Freedman
2011: Abby Alpert

Federal Reserve Board Dissertation Fellowship, Washington D.C.

Summer 2007: Matthew Chesnes and Ethan IIzetzki
Summer 2009: Ana Abras and Jeta Menkulasi
Summer 2010: Javier Bianchi
Fall 2011: Sushant Acharya and Yasin Mimir
Summer 2015: Yiqun Chen

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Dissertation Internship

Summer 2011: Julien Bengui

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Dissertation Internship

Summer 2009: Cesar Sosa Padilla

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Dissertation Internship

Summer 2013: Shu Lin Wee
2016: Edith Laget

Americas Center Graduate Dissertation Internship, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

2009: Javier Bianchi
2010: Cesar Sosa Padilla
2013: Alvaro Pedraza
2014: Pablo Cuba Borda

IMF Fund Summer Internship

2020: Seula Kim, Yi Liu, and Shihangyin Zhang

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

2018: Ian Chadd
2020: Xinlu Yao

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

2016: Ryan Malitz (honorable mention) and Matthew Staiger (honorable mention)
2018: George Zuo
2019: Victoria Perez-Zetune

National Science Foundation, East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellow

2010: Kyle Handley

Western Economic Association International Graduate Student Dissertation Workshop

2012: Lisa Dettling
2013: Alvaro Pedraza
2014: Ben Zou
2015: Ricardo Espinoza Gonzalez

Inter-American Development Bank Research Grant

2012: Miguel Sarzosa and Alan Finkelstein Shapiro

eBay Policy Scholar at the University of Maryland

2014-2015: Dun Calvin Jia
2015-2016: Xuezhen Tao
2016-2017: Yue Chao
2017-2018: Xinlu Yao
2018-2019: Gustavo Saraiva

Kauffmann Dissertation Fellowship

2015: Joonkyu Choi
2017: Karam Jo and Matthew Staiger

Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship

2017: Prateik Dalmia and Mateo Uribe-Castro

Abell Award in Urban Policy

2017: George Zuo

Graduate Research Award from the Airport Cooperative Research Program

2017: Yongjoon Park

Gerontelis Foundation Graduate Study Scholarship

2018: Panagiotis Dimitrellos

Seoul National University Alumni Association USA Scholarship

2018: Seula Kim

Seoul National University Alumni Association Washington DC Scholarship

2019: Seula Kim

Washington Center for Equitable Growth Grant

2018: Matthew Staiger

BECAS Chile Graduate Fellowship

2011: Ricardo Espinoza
2015: Gonzalo Garcia
2019: Catalina Morales, Maria Riquelme Gajardo, Alvaro Silva Uribe

Western Economic Association International Graduate Student Workshop

2019: Cody Tuttle and Karam Jo

Other Student Awards

2008: Matthew Chesnes, Dissertation Prize, Journal of Applied Econometrics
2008: Matias Herrera-Dappe, Best Student Paper Award, 31st IAEE International Conference, Istanbul
2008: Mircea Trandafir, Best Paper Award, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Annual Conference
2010: Javier Bianchi, Best Paper Award, XV Workshop in Dynamic Macroeconomics, Vigo, Spain
2010: Enes Sunel, Best Student Paper Award, 15th Annual LACEA Meeting, November 2010
2011: Tim Moore, First Prize Travel Scholarship for Best Student Paper submitted to the International Society of Drug Policy Annual Conference
2011: Teresa Fort, Top Ph.D. Submission, Rocky Mountain Empirical Trade Conference
2012-13: Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi, Kauffman Foundation Research Grant
2013: Ben Zou, Research Papers Program Award from the Employment and Training Administration
2014: Stephanie Rennane, Mathematica Disability Research Consortium Summer Experiential Learning Fellowship
2014: Álvaro La Parra Pérez, Best Paper Award, European School of New Institutional Economics (ENSIE), Cargèse, France
2018: Yongjoon Park, Robert F. Lanzilotti Prize for best paper in antitrust economics, International Industrial Organization Conference (joint with Prof. Andrew Sweeting and Jun Zhang)