ECON401: Current Issues in American Economic Policy

Analysis of current economic problems and public policies. Topics include increasing competitiveness, mitigating poverty, addressing harmful effects of income inequality, promoting environmental sustainability, and facilitating economic stability and growth.
Prerequisite: 1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (ECON321, STAT400); and minimum grade of C- in ECON325 and ECON326. Restriction: Must be in a major within the BSOS-Economics department.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular , Pass-Fail , Audit
Course Offering
    Fall 2017 Instructor: Erin Moody
    Fall 2017 Instructor: Thomas Hegland
    Summer 2017 II Instructor: Thomas Hegland
    Spring 2017 Instructor: Erin Moody
    Spring 2017 Instructor: Thomas Hegland