I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of Economics at the University of Maryland. Our faculty, students, staff, and alumni form a vibrant and dynamic community that fosters research, learning, and public service in Economics.

We have over 30 tenure track faculty engaged in research and undergraduate and Ph.D. teaching and advising across a broad set of fields within Economics. As well as publishing in top academic journals, many of our tenure track faculty are engaged in advising governments, international organizations, think-tanks and companies around the world. Our nine professional track faculty also make critical contributors to the teaching and learning environment in our Department, bringing cutting-edge instructional methods into our undergraduate classrooms.

Over 110 Ph.D. students are currently engaged in coursework and dissertation research.  Many of these students will become researchers and educators, while others will become leaders at government agencies and private sector companies. We have approximately 120 students in our M.S. in Applied Economics programs who are investing in their skills as they pursue careers as professional economists. Around 1,000 current undergraduates have chosen to study with us as Economics majors in our B.A. and B.S. tracks, and many majors in other subjects gain exposure to Economics by taking our courses each year.

The Department is committed to providing a positive and inclusive atmosphere that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives. Through initiatives and programs such as PADE (Promoting Academics and Diversity in Economics) and the BSOS Summer Research Initiative, we are actively working to help break down barriers faced by under-represented groups in the Economics profession. We recognize that we can do more to support under-represented groups in our community, and we will continue to listen and learn and work toward making our Department and the Economics profession more inclusive.

We are especially proud of our alumni. They serve as wonderful ambassadors of the University of Maryland and the Department of Economics, and many of them give back to our community via opportunities such as serving on the Economics Leadership Council, providing internships and scholarships for current students, actively networking about careers with current UMD students and advice and support for many department initiatives.

I invite you to look through the many pages of our Department website to learn more about our faculty and students, our research and teaching, and about the opportunities we offer.

front photo of department of economics chair andrew sweeting