Name: Prateeti Sarker '19

Title: Business Technology Analyst

Employer: Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Major(s): Economics and Mathematics  


What do you enjoy most about your current position?   

I love the approachable and social culture within Deloitte. Everyone in the firm, whether they are another analyst or even a Principal, is open to meeting with you. I initially felt nervous reaching out to people that were so senior to me, but they are always willing to help you move forward in your career. Everything from trainings, certifications, socials, and initiatives are all within my fingertips to improve myself and broaden my network within the company.

What is a typical day like in your position?

I get to the office using the metro. Usually I'll ask a colleague out for coffee to learn more about future projects or initiative work. We have our daily stand-up team meeting to review progress. Afterwards, I work on outstanding deliverables. I have lunch with my team then more work and/or client meetings. Afterwards, there's usually a happy hour, a Deloitte training workshop, or initiative work for about an hour or two before I head home.

How has your coursework helped you in your current position (i.e. quantitative skills, research techniques, communication skills)?

I definitely appreciate the BS ECON courses that included programming languages to apply certain Econ/Econometric models as I use those very often.

Which undergraduate experiences (i.e. internships, on-campus BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY ANALYST leadership, living learning communities, faculty member, etc.) did you find most helpful in preparing you for your current position?

I took a fall part-time internship with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and utilized ECON386 to gain credit for my work as well as reduce my workload in school that semester. That internship was a major talking point in my interviews. I was also President of Consult Your Community within the business school which founded my interest for consulting. I highly recommend any student to look into clubs within the Smith Undergraduate Student Association as some accept non-Smith majors and provide great networking connections for later on. I was also in the Gemstone Honors Program. Although I didn't end up in a research-intense career, I value my experience working on a 4-year project with 10 other students.

Any job or internship advice for students seeking a position in your field?

Attend the UMD career fair events, workshops, etc. from any consulting firm. Those workshops can give you insight on the case interview process and provide networking contacts. Feel free to reach out to relevant employees at the firm to learn more. They are often open to talk and to help you. Consulting recruiting begins very early, so keep a look out for companies of interest.

Anything else you want to share with undergraduates?

Make sure to enjoy your time at UMD!