Name: Kaela Schneider ‘17

Title:  Strategy & Operations Business Analyst

Employer: Deloitte Consulting LLP

Major: Economics 

Minor: Actuarial Mathematics




What do you enjoy most about your current position?

The inconsistency. My job is completely different based on the day. One day I'll be heads down analyzing an excel spreadsheet or a report, another day I'll be working on a final deliverable to be presented to an executive, and the next I can be facilitating trainings at the client site. It keeps me on my toes, and I'm always learning.

What is a typical day like in your position?

A typical day usually includes a mix of client meetings, team meetings, work stream meetings, and Microsoft Office. Throw in some flights on Mondays and Thursdays, lots of emails, and that about sums it up! :)

Which undergraduate experiences did you find most helpful in preparing you for your current position?

My experience working at the Department of Alumni Relations at the Smith School taught me organizational skills, team player mindset, and proactive nature needed to succeed as a consultant.

How has your coursework helped you in your current position?

My coursework at UMD has helped shape my quantitative skills and attention to detail, as well as my qualitative skills. Both are equally important in my position.

Any job or internship advice?

I was a bit worried about starting a business position without a business degree. I wondered if I would be up to par with my colleagues, but it proved to be quite the opposite. My starting class at Deloitte contained students with a multitude of majors, ranging from Business to Liberal Arts, and everything in between. It is your skills and experiences that prove to be the most important. So no matter where you intern, make sure you make the most of it, and leave feeling as if you have learned all you could in a three-month period. 

  • Ask for projects that will allow you to develop new skills. 
  • Conduct informational interviews to identify the skills in demand for your field of interest. 
  • Make Case in Point your best friend when it comes time for a consulting interview.

Last piece of advice… Make the most of your time at UMD, and the resources available to you!