Windows/Novell/Linux Network Support

If you need support with Windows desktops, Novell network, Groupwise email, Unix desktops/network, please contact: 

IT Support
 Tydings 4115B
Telephone: 301-405-6988
Email: support [at] econ [dot] umd [dot] edu

In case of an emergency, when you cannot reach IT Support, you may also contact OACS staff by calling 301-405-1670 (OACS main office) or via their work order website.

Note: The network provides access to many applications. One task of the network administrator is to make sure that those applications run properly on the network. However, in general, IT Support will not be able to provide support concerning details of the functionality of respective applications. For example, it is the network administrator's responsibility to ensure that the printing facility in SAS is properly implemented. However, the network administrator will not be able to help with writing a SAS program. For Linux Support, you can also contact cluster-support [at] econ [dot] umd [dot] edu.