ECON 652: Graduate Public Economics I
This course will cover externalities, public goods theory, and local public finance (with a focus on the economics of education). For each topic, we will focus on theoretical and empirical evidence as well as relevant empirical research methods (e.g. instrumental variables, regression discontinuity and regression kink designs).

ECON 752: Graduate Public Economics II
This course begins with a consideration of cash transfer programs and moves on to issues in taxation. Topics will be discussed from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. Major topics covered include tax incidence and efficiency, optimal taxation, and behavioral responses to taxation, including labor supply and saving behavior. The course material is presented and assignments are designed with the goal of helping to prepare students to write dissertation-appropriate papers in the field of public economics.

Related Course
ECON 626
: Empirical Microeconomics
This course deals with the econometric methods used in microeconomic analysis. The course covers statistical methods that are used to solve identification and estimation issues that arise in the analysis of economic experimental and observational data. During the course we will study linear and non-linear models. Topics discussed during the semester include: Linear Models, Quantile Regression Models, Instrumental Variable Estimators, Panel Data Models (static and dynamic), Discrete Choice Models, Limited Dependent Variables Models and Duration Models. We also introduce structural models and cover some topics related to evaluation of programs and policies.

Field Requirements in Public Economics

Major field: ECON 752, 652 and a third course, which can be ECON 626 or another course approved by the public economics faculty.

Average grade of B+ or better in the courses.

Field Paper due February 1 of the third year. Papers will be returned no later than March 1. Papers that do not pass can be revised and resubmitted no later than April 15. The field paper must be solo-authored.

Minor field: ECON 652 and 752. Average grade of B+ or better in courses.