ECON 754: Introduction to Political Economy (Econ 601-604 or equivalent with permission of instructor)
This course provides an introduction to political economy, the study of political influences on economic policy and the study of political decision-making. Topics include: elections and voting, political equilibrium, political participation and agenda-setting; politician behavior; signaling, credibility and reputation; government efficiency; basic distributive politics; basic legislative models; and political agency.

ECON 756: Empirical Political Economics (Econ 754 and 623-624, or equivalent with permission of instructor)
This course provides an overview of the main topics in empirical political economy while simultaneously covering many important applied econometric techniques. On the political economy side, the course covers determinants of individual political decision making, impacts of political institutions and political determinants of long run development. Particular topics include individual voting behavior, impact of voters and politicians on policy, the influence of money and the media, effects of political incentives, voting rule impacts on policy, and the impact of institutions and political violence on economic development. Empirical techniques covered include experiments, matching estimators, event study methodology, regression discontinuity, panel data techniques, clustered errors, and advanced topics in instrumental variables estimation.

ECON 757: Topics in Political Economy II
Continuation of ECON 754. Topics covered include campaign finance, redistribution, fairness, electoral systems, parliamentary systems, and media.

Field Requirements in Political Economy

Major field: ECON 754, 756 and a third course chosen in consultation with the Political Economy faculty.

Average grade of B+ or better in the courses.

Field paper written in the third year. Field paper proposal due on September 15; first draft due on December 1; and final draft due on February 1. The faculty may ask for a revision of the final draft of the field paper, with due date later in the Spring.

Minor field: ECON 754 and756.

Average grade of B+ or better in the courses.