I'm a PhD student in Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park. I will be on the market this year and will attend the ASSA conference in San Diego.

I'm interested in labor economics topics in both the United States and developing countries.

My job market paper studies the racial gaps in the early careers of Millennial men. I show substantial racial gaps in the early career trajectories between black and white men in this cohort (NLSY-97). Using a semi-parametric decomposition, I find that pre-market skills play a central role in explaining the observed racial gaps in employment and earnings. The importance of skills is attributable primarily to racial differences in measured cognitive skills (AFQT score) rather than to differences in formal schooling. My findings suggest that eliminating institutional and economic barriers to skill accumulation remains a key factor in helping to eliminate racial gaps in labor market outcomes. 


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sluo12 [at] umd.edu