I am a PhD candidate on the job market this year and am scheduled to graduate in May of 2019. My fields of specialization include Labor Economics, Public Economics, Health Economics, and Industrial Organization. My job market paper studies the effect of nursing home payroll subsidies offered by state Medicaid programs, finding previous literature had underrated their potential as a tool for increasing nursing home employment levels and improving nursing home resident welfare. I also have research with co-authors demonstrating that the effectiveness of stimulus spending during the Great Recession varied by local labor market conditions, suggesting that stimulus could have generated nearly twice as much employment had it been better targeted at areas more heavily affected by the recession. I have nine semesters of experience solo-instructing undergraduate courses, including five semesters teaching an upper level undergraduate course entitled "Current Issues in American Economic Policy." Recent copies of my job market paper, stimulus paper, and syllabi for courses I have taught may be found at http://www.thomashegland.com/


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    St. Olaf College
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    University of Maryland, College Park
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
ECON200 Principles of Microeconomics Winter 2017
ECON401 Current Issues in American Economic Policy Fall 2017
ECON401 Current Issues in American Economic Policy Summer 2017 II
ECON401 Current Issues in American Economic Policy Spring 2017
ECON200 Principles of Microeconomics Winter 2016
ECON200 Principles of Microeconomics Summer 2016 I
Thomas Hegland
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