Boragan Aruoba

Professor; Director of Graduate Admissions

Boragan Aruoba is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Maryland. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 and joined the faculty at Maryland that year. He is a macroeconomist with both theoretical and empirical interests. On the theoretical front, his recent research focuses on the dynamics of an economy when it is at the zero lower bound of nominal interest rates and in general nonlinearities in macroeconomic models. On the empirical front, he worked on understanding statistical properties of data revisions, the yield curve and factor models. His work on an index for tracking business cycles and a new measure of GDP are implemented by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

His research has been published in Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Monetary Economics, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Journal of Econometrics and Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. He teaches macroeconomics at various levels and computational methods. His work has been supported by National Science Foundation.

Areas of Interest:
  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Economics
  • Econometrics
  • Computational Methods in Economics
Personal Website:
  • Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, 2004
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
ECON402 Macroeconomic Models and Forecasting Fall 2017
ECON602 Macroeconomic Analysis II Spring 2017
ECON630 Computational Methods in Macroeconomics Fall 2016
ECON701 Advanced Macroeconomics I Fall 2016
ECON325 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis Fall 2015
ECON701 Advanced Macroeconomics I Fall 2015 Syllabus
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
ECON602 Macroeconomic Analysis II Spring 2016 Syllabus
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