Department of Economics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Graduate Program:

Undergraduate Program:

Independent Study

Economics majors who are interested in researching a specific issue or topic may want to consider enrolling in ECON 399, "Individual Reading and Research", or in the Honors program. If you want to devote only one semester to independent study, then ECON 399 is an option.

In general, ECON 399 is open only to students who have maintained high grade point averages and have already taken appropriate economics courses as background. More specifically, this possibility is feasible only if a member of the faculty is willing to supervise a research project. ECON 399 is not a substitute for an existing course. Contact Dr. Cindy Clement, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics, for more information.

Very occasionally, positions for part-time undergraduate research assistants are available through the Economics Department. These positions are usually filled by individual professors based on students they know from their own courses. If any positions are currently open, they are described here.

Various agencies, think-tanks, and consulting firms will contact the Economics Department with openings for research assistant at various times during the year; all of these opportunities are publicized to economics majors via email when they arise. If any positions are currently open, they are described here.