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Accessing Full-text Articles in Economics Journals

The table below indicates the years in which full-text availability begins for various journals at different database providers. Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of years for which the most recent issues are blacked out.

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Journal NameJSTOREbscoHost
(Business Source Premier)
American Economic Review1911 (3)1922 (3) 1987 (3) 
B.E. Journals in Econ. Analysis & Policy    2000
B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics    2000
B.E. Journals in Theoretical Economics    2000
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity1970 (3)1970 19872000
Carnegie-Rochester Conf. Ser. On Public Policy  1995-2001  
Econometric Theory    1998
Econometrica1933 (5)   1997 
Economic Geography1925 (5)    
Economic History Review1927 (5)    
Economic Journal1891 (5)1965 (1)  1999
Economic Theory 1991 (1)  1997
Economica1921 (5)1965(1)  1998
Economics Letters  1995  
European Economic Review  1995  
Games and Economic Behavior  1995  
Handbooks in Economics (Elsevier)  All  
International Economic Review1960 (3)1965 (1)  1999
Journal of the American Statistical Association 1965   
Journal of Applied Econometrics1986 (5)   1997
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 1983   
Journal of Comparative Eocnomics  1995  
Journal of Development Economics  1995  
Journal of Econometrics  1995  
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control  1995  
Journal of Economic Growth    2000
Journal of Economic History1941 (5)    
Journal of Economic Literature1969 (3)1969 (3)   
Journal of Economic Perspectives1987 (3)1987 (3)   
Journal of Economic Theory  1998  
Journal of Finance1946 (4)1965 (1)  1998
Journal of Health Economics  1995  
Journal of Human Resources 1966 (1) 1987-1998 
Journal of Industrial Economics1952 (5)1964 (1)  1999
Journal of International Economics  1995  
Journal of Labor Economics1983 (1)1983 19971997
Journal of Law and Economics    1997
Journal of Macroeconomics  1997  
Journal of Mathematical Economics  1995  
Journal of Monetary Economics  1995  
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking1969 (5)1969  2002
Journal of Political Economy1892 (1)1965 1996 
Journal of Public Economics  1995  
Journal of Urban Economics  1995  
Macroeconomic Dynamics    1997
NBER Macro Annual 1997   
Oxford Economic Papers   1987-19991998
Quarterly Journal of Economics1886 (5)1922 (1)  1994
RAND (Bell) Journal of Economics1970 (5)1984 19871999
Review of Economic Dynamics  1998  
Review of Economic Studies1933 (3)1965 (1) 19972000
Review of Economics and Statistics1919 (5)1990 (1) 1997
Southern Economic Journal 1964 1988 

This list of journals is obviously not exhaustive. If you wish to access a journal not listed, search for it at UMd's ResearchPort.

You can also use the Interlibrary Loan service for journal articles that are not available electronically. If a library at UMd has the journal in print on the shelves, this service will scan the requested document and deliver it to you electronically. If not available at UMd, it will be sought at other libraries.

Other useful resources, which have listings for other journals, include
    Economics E-journals at UMd