Job Placement History

Our department is proud of our placement record. Many of our students have gone into academia and are now teaching at leading colleges and universities. Recent graduates have taken jobs at US research schools such as the Carnegie-Mellon University, Dartmouth College, University of Michigan, New York University, George Washington University, University of Montreal, the University of Colorado, and the University of Notre Dame, as well as leading academic institutions in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Other graduates have taken jobs at top international and nonprofit organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank; at leading government agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the U.S. Treasury Department; and at leading private sector companies such as Black Rock Asset Management and RTI International.


Carballo, Jeronimo
University of Colorado at Boulder
Cuba, Pablo
Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Dai, Daisy
Lehigh University
Decker, Ryan
Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Kreamer, Jonathan
Columbia GSB Post-doc followed by Florida State University
Lopez Vargas, Kristian
Univerity of California Santa Cruz
Palloni, Giordano
International Food Policy Research Institute
Salas, Jorge
International Monetary Fund
Sarzosa, Miguel
Purdue University
Tang, Lixin
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Utgoff, Naomi
United States Naval Academy
Zhu, Ling
International Monetary Fund
Zou, Ben
Michigan State University


Chan, Hei Sing (Ron) University of Manchester
Crane, Leland Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Jancec, Matija Amazon
Kaul, Tara International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)
La Parra Pérez, Álvaro Weber State University
Lu, Qian Central University of Finance and Economics
Pedraza, Alvaro World Bank, Research Group, Finance Division
Prada, Maria Inter-American Development Bank
Wee, Shu Lin Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School
Yuan, Haishan University of Queensland


Acharya, Sushant Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Bandeh-Ahmadi, Ayeh
U.S. Treasury Office of Financial Research
Borowitz, Jeffrey Giant Oak LLC
Dettling, Lisa Federal Reserve Board R & S
Finkelstein Shapiro, Alan Universidad de Los Andes
Liu, Yiyan RTI International
Torul, Orhan Bogazici University
Ture, Hatice Elif International Monetary Fund
Vamosiu, Adriana University of San Diego
Zuccardi Huertas, Igor Central Bank of Mexico


Abo-Zaid, Salem Texas Tech University
Armenta, Armando Invesco
Bailey, Paul American Institute for Research
Bengui, Julien University of Montreal
Burkett, Justin Wake Forest University
Chugh, Randy Department of Justice
Federico, Pablo BlackRock Asset Management (London,UK)
Fendoglu, Salih Central Bank of Turkey
Fort, Teresa Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business
Joo, Hyun Soo Korea Capital Market Institution
McArthur, David Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Mimir, Yasin Central Bank of Turkey
Moore, Timothy George Washington University
Ramesh, Shrayes EMC
Sbrancia, Belen International Monetary Fund
Sosa Padilla, Cesar McMaster University
Szott, Aaron World Bank
Yamada, Masahiro Post-doc, University College London


Abo-Zaid, Salem Ben-Gurion University – Post Doc
Alpert, Abby RAND (Santa Monica, CA office) as Associate Economist
Baranov, Oleg University of Colorado Boulder
Bianchi, Javier New York Univ Post Doc followed by University of Wisconsin Madison
Bonilla-Angel, Juan University of Sao Pablo
Douoguih, Kahwa Independent Consultant
Gonzalez Velosa, Carolina Post-doc University of Sao Pablo
Handley, Kyle Standford SIEPR Post Doc followed by U. of Michigan Business School
Hernaiz, Daniel IDB
Hitaj, Ermal IMF, Africa Department
Iercosan, Diana Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Johnson, Terrence University of Notre Dame Economics Department
Komatsuzaki, Takuji IMF, Fiscal Affairs Department
Lara Ibarra, Gabriel IMPAQ International
Pruitt, Sheri Ann US Food and Drug Administration
Qian, Rong World Bank, Young Professionals Program
Sertsios, Giorgo University of Houston, Bauer College of Business, Department of Finance
Sunel, Enes Central Bank of Turkey, Research and Monetary Policy Department
Tuzemen, Didem Federal Reserve Kansas City
Zhang, Jing Renmin University


Abras, Ana Luisa World Bank (Poverty Reduction Group)
Banerjee, Ryan Bank of England
Beuermann, Diether Inter-American Development Bank
Freedman, Seth Postdoc-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation followed by Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Gervais, Antoine University of Notre Dame
Givens, David Federal Trade Commission
Grozeva, Vesela Ernst and Young
Hu, Bingjie BBVA - Hong Kong
Kim, Yeon Soo Korean Development Institute
Kranker, Keith Mathematica Policy Research
Malloy, Liam University of Rhode Island
Meng, Lingsheng Tsinghua University - Beijing
Menkulasi, Jeta International Monetary Fund
Nguyen, Quynh World Bank
Olaberria, Eduardo Central Bank of Chile
Roitman, Agustin International Monetary Fund
Tang, Li Inter-American Development Bank
Wu, Dong International Monetary Fund


Araujo, Juliana International Monetary Fund
Benyishay, Airel School of Economics, University of New South Wales
Bergstresser, Keith Department of Labor
Cangiano, Giulia Government Accounting Office (International Division)
Chesnes, Matthew Federal Trade Commission
Daysal , Meltem Nezahat Univ. of Tilburg, Dept. of Econometrics
Garcia-Perez, Monica Isabel St. Cloud State University
Garthwaite, Craig Kellogg Graduate School of Management
Hayford, Tamara Congressional Budget Office
Hennessey, Jessica Furman University
Herrera-Dappe, Matias Bates White
Hutton, Stephen World Bank (Institutional Evaluation Group)
Ilzetzki, Ethan London School of Economics
Miller, Sebastian Inter-American Dev. Bank (Country Specialist)
Mohammad, Adil International Monetary Fund
Nguyen, Ha M. World Bank (Macro Research Group)
Paz, Lourenco Syracuse University
Rasteletti, Alejandro World Bank
Trandafir, Mircea University of Sherbrooke


Andrei, Simona ERS Group
Bakhtiari, Sasan University of New South Wales
Chen, Yan Bates White
Ding, Li AVITAS, Inc.
Goyal, Aparajita World Bank—Research Department
Jenish, Nazgul New York University
Jiang, Yi Asian Development Bank
Li, Lixing China Center for Economic Research at Beijing University
McInerney, Melissa College of William and Mary
Morrill, Melinda North Carolina State University
Morrill, Thayer North Carolina State University
Qi, Zhikun Fannie Mae
Wu, Xiaoyu Central University of Finance and Economics


Aromi, Daniel Securities and Exchange Commission
Bi, Ran International Monetary Fund
Bohn, Sarah Public Policy Institute of California
Chandra, Piyush Colgate University
Evans, David Environmental Protection Agency
Freedman, Matt Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Ghosh, Dipan CRA International
Hao, Janet Conference Board
Horst, Ronald Inforum—University of Maryland
Hu, Xiaohan Mercer Human Resources Consulting
Imberman, Scott University of Houston
Kumar, Ustav Conference Board
Michaelides, Marios IMPAQ International LLC
Mukashev, Yerzhan Kazakhstan National Oil and Gas Company
Orsini, Chiara Aarhus University
Owens, Emily Cornell University, Public Policy
Pearlman, Sarah Vassar College
Perez, Natalia Ernst and Young
Rodriguez-Tejedo, Isabel University of Navarra
Singleton, Perry Syracuse University
Singh, Hesinam PricewaterhouseCoopers
Vuletin, Guillermo Colby College
Zhang, Ye Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


Amoroso, Nicolas Central Bank of Mexico
Arraiz, Irani Inter-American Development Bank
Avellan, Leopoldo Escuela Superior Politecnico del Litoral, Ecuador
Boz, Emine International Monetary Fund
Contreras, Juan Congressional Budget Office
Durdu, Ceyhun Congressional Budget Office
Espinosa, Javier Rochester Institute of Technology
Gong, Binglin Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Helms, Sara University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jacob, Marilyn Comptroller of the Currency
Karacaovali, Baybars Fordham University
Kim, Beomsoo University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Kim, Wooyoung Bank of Korea
Mathur, Aparna American Enterprise Institute
Oviedo, Ana Maria World Bank
Pang, Gaobo Watson Wyatt
Pinto, Eugenio Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Schweiger, Helena European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Sharma, Gunjan University of Missouri
Shepotylo, Oleksandr EERC-Kyiv Moyla Academy (Ukraine)
Singh, Kartikeya Corporate Executive Board
Stephens, Bryce Bates White
Tristao, Ignez Congressional Budget Office
Wei, Heng PricewaterhouseCoopers
Whalley, Alexander University of California, Merced


Aysan, Ahmet Bogozici University, Turkey
Bastos, Fabiano Bank of England
Caceras, Julio Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Cao, Menglin Fannie Mae
Chassambouli, Andri Central European University/Ctrl. Bank of Hungary
Chiang, Hyowook Welch Consulting
Diaz, Juan Jose Catholic University of Peru
El-Haddad, Amirah American University of Cairo
Grazjl, Peter Central European University
Griffin, Naomi Congressional Budget Office
Gurgur, Turgul World Bank
Kim, Namsuk World Bank
Nichols, Joseph Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Ouyang, Min University of California, Irvine
Ranger, Martin Indiana University (Postdoc)
Richardson, Nela Freddie Mac
Thompson, Theresa Lahore School of Economics (Pakistan)
Tovar, Patricia Brandeis University
Vazquez, Francisco International Monetary Fund