Travel and Research Expense Support

To request departmental funding for travel or other research related expenses, please submit your answers to the following questions electronically to John Shea at


2 What item or endeavor would you like the Department to consider funding? [Please be specific-for instance, identify dates and location of conference]

3. Why is this important for your research or professional development? (i.e. Why did you choose this particular data set, conference, etc.?)

4. What is the total cost and how did you arrive at this number?

5. Who else is contributing and how much?

6. How much would you like the Department to provide?

7. Have you received funding from the Department in the past? If yes, please list amounts and usage.

8. Have you received a Goldhaber Travel Grant in the past?

ALSO, please ask your major dissertation advisor to send a short email (a few sentences) to John Shea, certifying that this conference or expense is a worthwhile use of department funds.