Job Market Candidates/Placement



The first job market meeting of the fall semester will take place on Wednesday, September 3 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the 4103 conference room. It is important that all students going on the market this year attend these meetings - if you cannot please talk to the placement advisors so we make sure you know what is going on. We will discuss in detail what you need to be doing in September, as well as outlining the schedule for the rest of the semester and discussing other relevant job market information (for example, Job Openings for Economists has changed its format over the summer).

One thing that we would like you to do before the meeting is to prepare an initial draft of your CV, following the instructions at:

This will be due to your advisors on Sept 12, and we would like to discuss questions or concerns that you may have at the meeting (e.g., you plan to use two job market papers, or you are not sure what should count as working papers or work in progress). Your preparation should include writing an abstract for your job market paper. A good target length for the abstract is 150 words.

Only students who are definitely going on the job market, and whose advisors share this assessment. should attend this meeting.

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