Conference Presentation Opportunities

Students at the dissertation writing stage are urged to present their work at external conferences prior to going on the job market. Presenting at external conferences helps spread the word about your research, gives you the opportunity to get feedback about your work, helps you make professional connections, and perhaps most importantly gives you practice in presenting your work in a clear and professional manner, a skill that is extremely important on the job market. 

Some of the most prestigious and well-attended conferences in the profession include the Summer Institute and other conferences run by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER); the North American and other worldwide meetings of the Econometric Society; the Minnesota Workshop on Macroeconomic Theory; and the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association. It is difficult for a graduate student to get on the program of some of these high-level conferences (especially the NBER conferences); others are more open to graduate students.

There are also a large number of other conferences where our students have an easier time getting on the program, and that still provide valuable opportunities for networking, feedback and professional development. Below I list some conferences at which our graduate students have presented recently. Your thesis advisors may know of other possibilities.  Most of these conferences meet on a periodic schedule, and you can learn more about upcoming meetings, submission guidelines and deadlines by going to their websites.

In recent years, a small but growing number of summer workshops have been offered to graduate students in areas such as computational economics and applied econometrics. These workshops give students at earlier stages of development the chance to acquire valuable tools for their research. I list some examples of workshops recently attended by our students below; your advisors may know of other opportunities.

The department is happy to support student travel expenses for students to attend workshops and present at conferences. For more information about department support, click here.

Some Recent Conference Presentations and Workshop Attended By Our Graduate Students

  • Experimental Economics Workshop, Chapman University, January 2015
  • Annual Conference of the Urban Economics Association, Bethesda MD, November 2014
  • Latin-American And Caribbean Economics Association (LACEA), Sao Paolo, November 2014
  • Annual Conference of the Southern Economic Association, Atlanta, November 2014
  • Latin-American Econometric Society (LAMES), Sao Paolo, November 2014
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM), Albuquerque NM, November 2014
  • Midwest Economic Theory and International Trade Conference, Lawrence KS, October 2014
  • Annual DSGE Workshop, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, October 2014
  • European Economic Association Annual Congress, Toulouse, August 2014
  • Society for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, Toronto, June 2014
  • Graduate Student Conference, Brigham Young University, June 2014
  • Midwest Economic Theory and International Trade Conference, Indianapolis IN, June 2014
  • North American Productivity Workshop, Carleton University, June 2014
  • Midwest Macro Meeting, University of Missouri, June 2014
  • Society of Labor Economists Annual Meeting, Arlington VA, May 2014
  • European School on New Institutional Economics (ESNIE), Cargese, France, May 2014
  • PacDev Conference, University of California-Los Angeles, March 2014
  • American Economic Association Conference, Philadelphia PA, January 2014