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Department of Economics
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Seminars/Graduate Workshops

The advanced graduate workshops are an important part of the life of the Department. They are the basis for ongoing meetings of faculty with similar research interests and provide a format for helping advanced students define research topics, focus their research skills, and complete their dissertations. Workshop presentations are made by Maryland faculty, visiting scholars, and students.

Workshop in Trade, Institutions and Political Economy

This Workshop covers several aspects of Development, Trade, Institutions and Political Economy. Topics include the determinants of institutional reform; the comparative analysis of institutions; the political economy of development, special interest groups and of budget cycles; the relationship between health, income and productivity in developing countries; and the causes and consequences of trade integration. Faculty include Peter Coughlin, Allan Drazen, Ethan Kaplan, Nuno Limao, Peter Murrell, and John Wallis.

Workshop in Econometrics

The Workshop in Econometrics focuses on both theoretical and applied econometric research. Topics include estimation, testing, and applications of binary and multinomial response models, censored and truncated regression models, sample selection models, program evaluation and treatment effects models, count data models, panel data models, spatial and cross-sectional interaction models, dynamic nonlinear models, rational expectations models, stationary time series models, and integrated and co-integrated processes. Faculty include John Chao, John Ham, Guido Kuersteiner, and Ingmar Prucha.

Workshop in Applied Microeconomics

The Workshop in Labor and Public Economics involves an active group of faculty and students interested in areas of research spanning the two fields. We meet weekly with most seminars featuring outside speakers, though occasionally one of our own faculty or graduate students will present. (We also have a less formal weekly lunchtime workshop in which graduate students present work in progress.) Recent Public Economics seminars have focused on issues of tax salience, behavioral responses to features of the tax code, taxation and family labor supply, the optimal design of social insurance programs, and the health effects of the food stamp program. A sample of topics covered by recent speakers in Labor includes the distribution of income and earnings, sibling effects within the family, marriage market issues, agglomeration effects of new firms, earnings measurement, educational outcomes for immigrants, and a study of school vouchers. Participating faculty include Sebastian Galiani, Jessica Goldberg, Raymond Guiteras, John Ham, Judy Hellerstein, Melissa Kearney, Soohyung Lee, Robert Schwab, Lesley Turner, and Sergio Urzua.

Workshop in Macroeconomics and International Finance

This workshop focuses on all aspects of closed and open economy macroeconomics, including economic fluctuations, fiscal and monetary policy, productivity, economic growth, currency and financial crises, global imbalances, and the microfoundations of macroeconomics and monetary economics. Speakers include both our own faculty and graduate students, as well as visiting speakers from the world's leading research institutions. Faculty involved in this workshop include Boragan Aruoba, Allan Drazen, John Haltiwanger, Chuck Hulten, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Felipe Saffie, John Shea, and Luminita Stevens.

Workshop in Microeconomic Theory and Industrial Organization

The Workshop in Microeconomic Theory and Industrial Organization presents important new research in these areas. There is a particular emphasis on game theory, information economics, experimental economics, antitrust issues and empirical industrial organization. Leading academics in addition to officials from the Federal Trade Commission, Justice Department, and other federal agencies visit regularly. Participating faculty include Lawrence Ausubel, Peter Cramton, Ginger Jin, Emel Filiz Ozbay, Erkut Ozbay, Andrew Sweeting, and Daniel Vincent.