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Department of Economics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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Undergraduate Program:

Course Listing

Course Title
ECON 111 Thinking Like an Economist
ECON 175 Inequality: Determinants and Policy Remedies
ECON 200 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 300 Methods and Tools for Economic Analysis
ECON 305 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
ECON 311 American Economic History Before the Civil War
ECON 315 Economic Development
ECON 317 Global Economic Policies
ECON 321 Economic Statistics
ECON 325 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
ECON 326 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
ECON 330 Money and Banking
ECON 340 International Economics
ECON 386 Experiential Learning
ECON 396 Independent Honors Study
ECON 398I Topics in Economics: Urban and Regional Economics
ECON 398P Theory & Policy of Poverty Alleviation
ECON 399 Individual Reading and Research For Undergraduates
ECON 401 Current Issues in American Economic Policy
ECON 401H Current Issues in American Economic Policy
ECON 414 Game Theory
ECON 416 Theory of Economic Development
ECON 422 Econometrics I
ECON 423 Econometrics II
ECON 424 Computer Methods in Economics
ECON 426 Cost Benefit Analysis
ECON 435 Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy
ECON 442 Globalization and Capital Markets
ECON 443 International Trade
ECON 451 Public Choice
ECON 454 Public Economics
ECON 460 Industrial Organization
ECON 470 Theory of Labor Economics
ECON 601 Macroeconomic Analysis I
ECON 603 Microeconomic Analysis I
ECON 613 Origins and Development of Capitalism
ECON 623 Advanced Econometrics I
ECON 625 Computational Economics
ECON 626 Empirical Microeconomics
ECON 630 Macroeconomic Computation
ECON 652 Public Economics I
ECON 662 Industry Structure, Conduct, and Performance
ECON 701 Advanced Macroeconomics I
ECON 703 Advanced Microeconomics I
ECON 708 Advanced Topics in Applied and Theoretical Microeconomics
ECON 709 Advanced Topics in Applied and Theoretical Macroeconomics
ECON 721 Econometrics III
ECON 741 Advanced International Economics I
ECON 742 Advanced International Economics II
ECON 771 Advanced Labor Economics: Theory and Evidence
ECON 773 Econometric Approach to Research
ECON 785 Advanced Economics of Natural Resources
ECON 799 Master's Thesis Research
ECON 808 Workshop on Macroeconomics and Growth: Workshop in Applied Economics
ECON 828 Workshop in Econometrics
ECON 848 Workshop in International Development, and Comparative Economics
ECON 868 Workshop in Industrial Organization
ECON 878 Workshop in Labor Economics
ECON 898 Pre-Candidacy Research
ECON 899 Doctoral Dissertation Research
HONR 348M Advanced Honors Seminar; Stock Market