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April 15, 2014: Book Edited by Professor Galiani
March 31, 2014: Professor Betancourt on Cuba’s Recent Reforms
March 27, 2014: Professor Kaplan on the Political Economy of Discretionary Spending
February 25, 2014: Professor Vlaicu on Procedural Choice
February 17, 2014: Prof. Allan Drazen on Electoral Cycles in the Stock Market
February 10, 2014: Professor Galiani on School Management
January 27, 2014: Professor Galiani on Factor Endowments and Trade Policy Divergence
January 14, 2014: Professor Kalemli-Ozcan on Financial Integration and Volatility
January 10, 2014: Professor Galiani on Natural Disasters and Economic Growth
January 2, 2014: Professor Vlaicu on Budget Institutions
January 2, 2014: Professor Kalemli-Ozcan’s Research on Financial Crises Cited in NY Times
December 6, 2013: Professors Kearney and Turner Featured in Washington Post and Bloomberg News
November 25, 2013: Professor Limao on Policy Uncertainty
December 10, 2013: Message from the Chair of the Department
November 19, 2013: Professor Aruoba on GDP Measurement
November 5, 2013: Research on Startups by Professor Haltiwanger featured on NPR
October 29, 2013: Professor Oates awarded the Richard Musgrave Prize
October 4, 2013: Abraham and Haltiwanger on the Impact of the Shutdown on Economic Statistics
September 27, 2013: Professor Kearney to Direct the Hamilton Project at Brookings
September 19, 2013: Professor Limão on Developing Countries and the WTO
September 3, 2013: Professor Galiani on Poverty
August 30, 2013: Hulten Research Cited in Bureau of Economic Analysis Revision to Gross Domestic Product
August 23, 2013: Professor Betancourt’s Working Paper Makes SSRN’s List of Top Ten Downloads in the Last Two Months.
August 15, 2013: Professor Wallace Oates Receives Daniel Elazar Award
August 14, 2013: In the Shadow of Violence: Professor John Wallis book launch at World Bank